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Susumu Yokota

Yokota is well known in the English-speaking independent music scene for his albums of experimental ambient music. However, he has also had a long career as a house music DJ and has released several highly-regarded albums of house music.

He has released several albums under pseudonyms including Stevia, Ebi, and others.

Yokota's name, when written in katakana, is in the Western order (given name is followed by the family name), while his name in kanji is in the Japanese order (family name is followed by the given name).

Susumu Yokota & Rothko - Distant Sounds of Summer

Electronic | 2005 | 256 kbps | 90mb

Deep in Mist
Water's Edge
Path Fades into Forest
Lit by Moonlight
Brook and Burn
Clear Space
Reflections and Shadows
Distant Sounds of Summer
Floating Moon


Susumu Yokota - Symbol

Electronic | 2004 | 192kbps | 63mb

[01] Long Long Silk Bridge
[02] Purple Rose Minuet
[03] Traveler in the Wonderland
[04] Song of the Sleeping Forest
[05] the Plateau Which the Zephyr of F
[06] Fairy Dance of Twinkle And Shadow
[07] Flaming Love and Destiny
[08] the Dying Black Swan
[09] Blue Sky and Yellow Sunflower
[10] Capriccio and the innovative Comp
[11] i Close the Door Upon Myself
[12] Symbol of Life, Love and Aestheti
[13] Music from the Lake Surface


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